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Awesome Jobs For Travel Junkies

If you’ve been well and truly bitten by the travel bug and you have no ties to keep you in one place for most of the year, why not take your career in a new direction, a direction that will enable you to travel a lot more than you do now?

There are numerous jobs that allow travel junkies to follow their passion and see more of the world than the average joe. Here are just a few options you might want to explore:


The beauty of freelancing is that whatever skills you may have to offer, it isn’t too hard to find someone who is willing to pay you for them anywhere in the world. Obviously, if your line of work can be completed remotely – think writer, programmer or graphic designer – it will be a lot easier for you to successfully freelance, but really anyone can do it will a little creative thinking and a lot of determination.

Activity Instructor

If you’re an active, sporty person, enrolling on one of the many available Ski Instructor Courses or becoming a certified scuba diving instructor could see you make a fantastic living while still having plenty of time to explore this beautiful planet. Activity vacations have never been more popular, so you really could do very well from teaching other people the skills you yourself have learned on your travels.

Tour Guide

Alternatively, you could try your luck as a tour guide. In most cases, you won’t even need any formal qualifications. You will, of course, have to bone up on the areas you’re working in and the more passion and enthusiasm you have for the place the better, but basically, you can just start advertising and take it from there!

Language Teacher

Teaching languages has long been a go-to for world travelers looking to bolster their income, but it has never been more convenient than it is now thanks to the internet. Now, you don’t even have to teach English to people nearby – you can do it via Skype and other apps, thus making it much easier to earn a living on your terms than ever before.

Work on a Cruise Ship

Working on a cruise ship, whether as cabin crew, entertainment staff or a cleaner, will enable you to make a regular living while visiting a lot of far-flung destinations in the process. Just be sure to take a trip or two on a ship first because there’s nothing worse than being stuck on a cruise ship suffering from seasickness with no escape!


A Become A House/Pet Sitter

As a travel junkie, you will need lots of places to stay as you move around, so why not combine your job with your travels by becoming a house/pet sitter. Not only will you get to stay in some places that make your usual hostels look like a palace, but you’ll earn a little cash on the side too.

Are you a travel junkie? How do you earn a living on the move?

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