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The Brag Corner: UNESCO World Heritage Sites I’ve Visited

Like, someone cares. And that’s why such wee space in this blog is aptly named “The Brag Corner”. You see, on a sizzling hot day in Leon, Nicaragua when I don’t feel like sightseeing nor working, I think of trivial things to do. Today, I thought of tallying the world heritage sites I have stepped…

The Great Call Of China

Our calling came two years ago. Visuals of a snaking wall on a mountain, a “bird’s nest” made of steel, a humongous portrait of a man seemingly watching over a city square, and snow – lots of snow, floated in our dreamy heads. We took heed. Even if we’re total Cheimaphobics. We arrived as honeymooners…

Snapshot Saturday: Great Balls Of China

Pardon the exaggerated title. I’m actually just pertaining to squid balls.You reckon that’s what the kid is holding? Then it must play a significant role in depicting Chinese culture. Sculpture can be found along Xi’an’s Beiyuanmen Muslim Culture Street. TweetShare This page was viewed times.

The Terracotta Army

One of the greatest archaeological finds in the world, The Terracotta Army of Qin Shi Huang, used to parade around my dreams. Our encounter with them in real life happened unexpectedly. The army, eerily standing guard. No two warriors are exactly alike.We ended up in Xi’an after cowering from Beijing’s freezing temperature. Instead of 7…