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Photo Essay: Into The Gobi (Part III)

Well here’s a muddle of memories… (But wait, in case you missed the first two parts of this series, here’s Part I and Part II) Day 4 We were allowed to sleep in for the first time. Hurrah! From ger camp two near Yolyn Am Gorge, it was a relatively short (and when I say…

Photo Essay: Into The Gobi (Part II)

First morning in the Gobi Desert. [Insert desktop wallpaper-worthy sunrise photo here]. Well, there’s none. In case you missed it, here’s what happened the day prior. And in case you don’t feel like going through that, here’s the highlight of the day (which actually wasn’t included in the post — not making sense, I know)….

Into The Gobi (Part I)

“Mongolians drive their vehicles in the same way as they ride their horses.” I read somewhere, prior our Mongolia trip. As we threaded our way through and out of Ulaanbaatar’s autumn morning rush hour traffic — one of the worst I’ve ever been stuck in — this quote came to mind. Road rules seemed nonexistent….

Fond Farewell To Pre-School Nomadism

33 countries under her teeny crocheted belt. Some people think that, for her age, it ain’t nothing but a number. Sure, she can’t remember all the country names (and never correctly pronounced most of them). She can’t remember the tens of airports she passed through (though the memory lingers briefly for she’s got a photographic…

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia: Couchsurfing A Ger

Eventually, we were freed from the claws of Ulaanbaatar’s traffic snarl-up. For the first time in four days of being in the country, we left the city center to bask in Mongolia’s famed greenness. Aboard our Couchsurfing host Minjin’s car, we were cruising the outskirts of the capital in search of another Couchsurfer’s residence. That…

In Sickness And In Stress

An eye infection, X-ray test for pneumonia, and high fever in the middle of the desert. Each a horror in its own right. When one of these happens to your toddler while on the road, it will surely make you swear off long term travel (though deep down you know you’ll soon eat your words…

Ulaanbaatar Walking Tour, Mongolia: The Long And Dusty Road

To climb, or not to climb? Our brows asked for the sake of asking. Hubby and I were eyeing Zaisan Memorial from the foot of a Sakyamuni image in Buddha Park. The cold has not bitten the lowlands, and we chose to keep our arses out of below-ten-degrees-celsius-harm’s way. So our answer was quite predictable….

2012 Year-Ender/World-Ender

Ahhh… 2012. You are an ebullient homage to wanderlust. Frankly, I am quite obsessed with your ruffled months. In fact it’s almost midnight and amid that end-of-the-world hullabaloo, here I am fondly sewing a patchwork of idyllic imagery to commemorate your flamboyance and purport. Now this may seem like a pathetic way of exiting the…

Photo Essay: Because Mongolia Left Me Speechless

Off the beaten path, you say? How about off the radar? Mongolia can show you what’s that about. And then some. It’s been almost three months, and I remain blootered. This bloody hangover hinders me from weaving the proper adjectives, nouns and superlatives that could encapsulate how epic (epic is even an understatement) that trip…