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Fond Farewell To Pre-School Nomadism

33 countries under her teeny crocheted belt. Some people think that, for her age, it ain’t nothing but a number. Sure, she can’t remember all the country names (and never correctly pronounced most of them). She can’t remember the tens of airports she passed through (though the memory lingers briefly for she’s got a photographic…

2012 Year-Ender/World-Ender

Ahhh… 2012. You are an ebullient homage to wanderlust. Frankly, I am quite obsessed with your ruffled months. In fact it’s almost midnight and amid that end-of-the-world hullabaloo, here I am fondly sewing a patchwork of idyllic imagery to commemorate your flamboyance and purport. Now this may seem like a pathetic way of exiting the…