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How To Apply For A Turkey Tourist Visa In The Philippines

Türkiye, why only fifteen days? Whyyy (Looks at the sky with fists up in the air)?!

… Snaps back to reality.


Just flew in Istanbul today from Singapore, with a three-hour layover in Abu Dhabi International Airport.  Though sleep-deprived, my heart’s racing. A couple of hours into our Turkey trip, I’ve already fallen in love — we haven’t even seen any of the sights yet! And oh, a lot of Turkish people have fallen in love with Luna too.

I tell you, I have to be dragged out of this bewitching country when my visa expires. Seriously? Fifteen days? We were thinking three months to see everything on our list. 

 photo f6d3179b-90ca-47d6-bff9-887e9b8e9b3b_zpsbbea0e54.jpg

We took it obviously. I dreamed of Turkey far too long. As for the hubby, he’s simply ecstatic to be back.

Are you (my fellow Filipino) planning to visit someday too? This post could be of help. They do not accept inquiries on the phone. I paid them a visit just to inquire about the requirements and I had to pay for the shuttle service!

Requirements for Turkey Tourist Visa Application and Business Visa Application

1. Completed application form. Form is provided at the embassy.
2. Passport-size photo. To be attached on the form.
3. Passport and photocopy of the first two pages.
4. Certificate of Employment. The applicant’s job title, work record and monthly/annual income must be indicated.
5. Latest Individual Income Tax Return
6. Company’s latest Income Tax Return if travel is business related.
7. For business owners – Company Business Registration such as SEC and DTI
8. Original Bank Deposit Certificate addressed to the embassy. No specified amount, but some travel agency officers I spoke with in the embassy suggest P100,000+.
9. If invited by government or private sector and international companies or institutions holding office in Turkey – Original invitation letter adressed to the embassy. If invited by a Turkish national – Original invitation letter must be notarized in Turkey, affidavit of support and pertinent credentials of the invitee together with the Turkish IDs and other supporting documents.
10. Confirmed hotel accommodation booking.
11. Round-trip airline ticket.

Application day:

Unfortunately, the embassy resides in Dasmariñas Village, which means you have to pay P150 for a round-trip shuttle ride. Take note, as a non-resident you’re not allowed to walk to the embassy from the gate nor from the embassy to the gate, no matter how close the distance is. But some travel agency officers do it anyways because the shuttle (there’s only one) comes by every 20-30 minutes. If you’re coming in by private car/taxi, the guard at the gate most probably will tell you to take the shuttle also. The embassy’s address:

Embassy Of The Republic Of Turkey
2268 Paraiso Street, Dasmariñas Village
Makati City

How to get to Turkey Embassy: By public transport, simply take the MRT and alight at Magallanes MRT Station.

When you get to the entrance (gate beside Ecology Village), do not forget to write your name on the logbook. If you can’t find it, ask the guard. The driver may not let you board if you don’t. He sometimes uses this as basis on who to serve first.

Payment of shuttle service is done at the village office. The driver takes you there first, before bringing you to the embassy.  

Bags are checked in at the embassy’s guard post. Mobile phones must be left there too. You can only get in the office with your documents.

You’ll be asked to write your name on a logbook inside the office. The guard will then give you your application form and number. 

Wait can take up to three hours. Dedicate your whole day for the application. Do not come with an empty stomach (the embassy guards discreetly sell biscuits and cup noodles at their post, ask if they have some if you’re about to pass out from hunger).

Original documents and their photocopies are presented/submitted to the secretary. Incomplete documents are not be accepted. If satisfied with the documents, secretary will ask for the P2,500 single entry tourist visa fee and will give you a claim stub with the date of visa release. Also, ask if you can take the original documents with you (except passport and bank certificate)  after the secretary has seen it, because they might not remember to give you back come visa release.

How long is the processing time for a Turkey visa? Within ten working days from the receipt of the application.

All invitation letters will be submitted by the applicant and should be faxed to the embassy prior to application. 
– Guards will let you in from 9:30 AM to 12:00 noon. Embassy will serve everyone who came within such time window until afternoon.
– Embassy is open from Monday to Friday except Wednesday.

Visa Release Day:

Pay another P150 for the shuttle service. Register at the embassy guard. Oddly, you may give the secretary your claim stub at anytime, so long as she’s not speaking with another applicant. In my case, I handed it to a guy who came downstairs (office has two floors) to release passports to travel agency officers.

He gave my passport within a minute, but I still waited for more than an hour prior because there was no staff in sight on the ground floor except the guard.

If you have work on weekdays, you may seek the help of a travel agency for your application. I initially planned on doing so because I don’t have a COE. I decided to apply myself when the travel agency “boss” appeared hesitant about my application just because my onward flight goes to the country Georgia, which she does not know of! 


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Gay Emami
When not backpacking, she teaches her daughter sight words and belly dancing (even if she's not good at it). She's currently eating her way around some hippie town in Australia. She loves talking about herself in the third person.

119 thoughts on “How To Apply For A Turkey Tourist Visa In The Philippines

  1. Hi Paul, I have no idea :( I resolved to saying I’m a “housewife” so I gave Sherv’s COE. But I submitted a 2006 ITR, and attached the contract of my last job as OFW. Baka pwede gawan na lang ng ibang paraan… *wink*

  2. Thank you po for this information. Sana makahanap ako ng travel agency dito sa Bacolod para d ko na kailangan pumunta ng Makati for it.

  3. Hi pinay travel junkie!

    Im new here in your blog and i am really amazed with your travel blog entries. I, too, is a traveller and we have common destintions so far.

    I’d like to add comment on this post that Turkey by far is very lenient when it comes to visa granting. Mine was 30 days (applied in Dubai) and they dont mind the outstanding amount on your bank account.

    I love Turkey so much! So Europe but not that expensive.

  4. Perhaps it is different when you apply from another country? I spoke with the embassy staff, they cannot give more than 15 days for a tourist visa.

  5. Hi pinayjunkie! Im planning to visit Turkey by end of October. Just have some questions on your post. Im an airline employee and I think, we’ve got a different process of availing tickets due to some privileges we can avail. Can I not buy yet my ticket to Turkey? maybe just a booking? and same for the hotel? and when I apply for the visa, should the requirements be really complete?

    Thanks for the help..

  6. hi pinaytraveljunkie,ask lang po ako kong magkano ba lahat ma babayaran sa pag apply nang turkey tuorist visa at madali lang ba itong makuha?kasi yong fiancee ko is inviting me na pumunta sa turkey he will give me an invitation letter..madali lang po ba ak ma releasan nang tourist visa?ngayong september 2013 po sana nya ak ipapapunta for 5 days lang ang stay ko doon please nman po advise me what to do kc first time ko po mg apply..

  7. Hello po miss pinay travel junkie..ask ko lng po kung iaaply ko po ng visa yung parents ko para mkapagattend sa ksal ko on November. .pero po wla n po xang bank account…at self employed tatay kohouse wife nman nanay ko..wla n po bang ibang way para mkapunta cla sa turkey para magattmagaatend sa kasal . salamat po

  8. Hindi po.dito po kmi pareho ngtratrbho sa qatar pero sa November po kmi pupunta sa turkey para mgpakasal

  9. Oh, just read this Michy! We paid about P22,000 from KL to Istanbul. Going back we flew from Armenia na. So not sure if it’s around the same price :)

  10. Hi pinay travel junkie how are you am hana I just want to ask how much to buy visa in Turkey and how to get that visa and how much all to pay thank u hope u will advice me

  11. Hi pinaytraveljunkie just wanna ask.. Wala kasi ako income tax return.. Pano po kaya yun? Ive been working in philippines pero yung napapasukan ko na company di naghulog ng tax so till now wala akong record..
    Nakita ko sa ibang site di naman nagrerequired ng ITR..
    But still want to ask others opinion.. Hope you will reply..


  12. Hi pinaytraveljunkie just wanna ask.. Wala kasi ako income tax return.. Pano po kaya yun? Ive been working in philippines pero yung napapasukan ko na company di naghulog ng tax so till now wala akong record..
    Nakita ko sa ibang site di naman nagrerequired ng ITR..
    But still want to ask others opinion.. Hope you will reply..


  13. Hi. I want to go Turkey too. Am Here in abu dhabi. I am planning to go there on November 2014. Possible ba na directly from abu dhabi going to turkey?

  14. have you tried to apply the visa? how was it? my tukish bf will come here around July and we will apply together

  15. I went there to inquire.. I think mas higher ang chance magkavisa if may mga stamp abroad ka sa passport .. ang sabi sakin ng secretary dun if wala edi wala as long as satisfied sila sa ibibigay mong documents.. maybe you should ask on your case

  16. I asked that too since same tayo ng problem you can tell to your HR to indicate on your COE about the tax thing

  17. Hello po Ma’am!I am a student po. And hindi pa po ako ngwowork. Kailangan po tlga imeet yung mga requirements like certificate of employment, latest income tax return,etc..
    I’ll be staying lng po in Turkey like mga 1week. Thank you po. And God bless you..

  18. Hello! I’m having plans to have a tour in turkey but i am not employed my mom will give me all the money needed..pwede bang mag apply ng visa kahit unemployed?? Ano ang pwedeng gawin?

  19. Hi Gay! It’s great that you shared your experience in getting a Turkish visa coz I’ve been checking online and I couldn’t see anything as informative as your blog. :)

    Anyway, regarding the RT airline ticket, do you really have to purchase the ticket already? Or, would you know if a booking reservation will suffice? :) Thanks a lot!

  20. Hi ma’am I’m confused why u only had 15 days valid visa? And how mush is the fee for the multiple entry?
    With the COE issue how can I sort it out? Coz I just finished working at Dubai back now here at PH.

    Thanks :)

  21. hi po mgtatanong lng sana ako kung pano mg aply ng ticket n po ako roundtrip papunta turkey..ano po ang mga kailangan na papers para sa from zamboanga city po..

  22. mam i like to know cost of ticket fair to turkey .. and im planing this august.. for 15 days.. and isa po sa iniisip ko un sa requirements like yun ITR. wala po ako nun or yun Bank Certificate just like you mention amount..
    Aug is a long way pa.. Ill try to reach that Amount you mentioned for Bank Account. Tnx Mam for your Blog Its a Big … Big.. Help…

  23. Hello po, i just want to ask lang po if paano po pag estudyante ang mag-aaply ng visa? What are the requirements po?

  24. Only Requirement they were asked..
    Original invitation letter addressed to the embassy. If invited by a Turkish national
    – Original invitation letter must be notarized in Turkey, affidavit of
    support and pertinent credentials of the invitee together with the
    Turkish IDs and other supporting documents. ..
    and they allowing also to stay for 3 months

  25. hi,pinaytraveljunkie,ask lng po ,i have plan to go in istanbul turkey,good for 2 weeks kailangan pa bang mag apply ng tourist visa?becuase nag tanong tanong ako dito sa travel agency sabi nila wlang visa fo

  26. How long did it take to get the VISA? I am from Baguio and traveling to Manila can be hell for me even with TPLEX (now possible to get to Manila within 4 hours!).

    I have about 30 days. I hope they are quick to review things. Otherwise, my VISA application and transportation expenses will be worthless.

  27. I read it and was going to update the comment but I am still uncertain about that duration. My trip is last week of May. Company booked hotel for me. They are asking if I can get a VISA this week. It’s holy week. I guess I am just really luck and unfortunate at the same time. Lacking time and cannot risk so much money even if I won’t pay for it.

  28. ive been here in turkey, izmir to be exact! very nice place and cool people with beautiful women! =D

  29. Hi there.. i would like to ask.. is it okay if the invitation letter be scanned? Or they want it original.. so i could tell my turkish friend if there’s no need to send it through a courier. your answer would be so much helpful..

  30. Hello everyone!!! I want to update all of you that there is a new and easier way to get a visa to Turkey without going to the Turkey Embassy and passing soooo much requirements anymore!

    You can apply for an e-visa to Turkey through this link .. and guess what?! you can stay up to 30 days (the embassy usually gives 15 days for a single entry) and it is much cheaper than the visa that the embassy gives just for 20$ but it has prerequisites before you can buy the e-visa.. I don’t have all the info’s about it but you can check the link I included here and this one too is also a bit helpful :)

    Well the only problem you will need to solve is how will you tick all the boxes on the prerequisites and how you can go thru the immigration in case they ask you somethings about your trip (you know how IO’s can be sooo frustrating sometimes before you leave the country) and don’t worry the e-visa has been recognized and approved by the Bureau of Immigration this is the link for it:

    I will try my look soon! :) Goodluck to all! Hope this helps!

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  33. Good day! May fiancee po ako at may anak kami na 4yrs old ,every year po nag vivisit po cya dito at sinusoportahAn nya po kami,wala po akong trabaho kaya wala po akong ITR, bank certifacate pede ko pong ipasa,,makakapag aply po ba kmi ng anak ko ng tourist visa?plan nya po kasi na mag visit kami sa turkey,plan po kc ngaun year na vivisit cya dito sa pinas sama nya na kami bagpalik ng turkey for 15days visit visa,,,,thanks po

  34. Hello pinaytraveljunkie,ask ko lang kahit po walang itr pwedi po maka pag aply ng tourist visa may fiancee po akong turkish national at may anak po kmi na 4yrs old na plan nya po kc n mka pg visit kami sa turkey ano po ang requirments para mka pg aply kmi ng visa.thanks

  35. Hello,ask ko lang po ano po ibang requirements bukod po sa unemplyed po ko plan nya po na mag visit kami sa turkey ng anak ko may fiancee po akong turkish national, thanks

  36. Hello. Thank you for such a very informative blog. Is it possible to apply a tourist visa thru mail or second person as I am from Mindanao? Thank you.

      1. Can you please recommend a reliable travel agency and it’s contact details. Thank you so much and may you have more enjoyments on your future travels.

  37. i will be going to vietnam this coming may 2015 for work and im planning to go to turkey this coming last week of august, can i apply for a tourist visa in vietnam and what are the visa requirements?pls also give me advice on how to go to turkey. thank you

    1. Hi Jacklyn Apreel Roxas,

      Assuming you will first go to Turkey then Vietnam. Firstly, there is a Vietnam embassy in Turkey. Here you can apply for the Vietnam visa provided you have a valid passport. This passport should have enough free space for stamping of the Vietnam visa. It should also have more than six months left to its expiry date. At the Vietnam embassy in Turkey will be guided on what more you need to do before you are allowed entry to Vietnam.

      Alternative to the embassy is the online application service for the Vietnam visa on arrival. I personally recommend this one for you. In fact, start with it and you will be allowed entry to Vietnam by air in less than 48 hours. Check these websites out:

  38. hello gaye,
    just in case you know:
    what could be other requirement if I apply a Turkish Visa for my wife? We are from Cebu, but I have a travel to Manila later… Is there additional document like an authorization letter?
    I’ve been calling the embassy, seems like they are very busy.

  39. hello po… ask po sana pano po kung ang iterinary booking is for 1 month lng siya tpos gusto ko po mgstay for two months. pwede po kaya yun? iparebook lng yung ticket pabalik? papayag po kaya yung consulate? thank you

  40. Hi there..paanu po ba ang pwedeng gawin yung british boyfriend ko po may work po xa sa turkey and he want to invite me there magbibigay po xa ng invitation letter and contract ng company nya..but i dont have c.e.o for now and ala pong latest na i.t.r..ung dalaw lang po kulang ko

  41. Hello girl, i need your help. Do you know some agencies in cebu city that will help me in getting tourists visa for turkey. My boyfriend invite me to go there and he said i need agency to help me to process all our documents in getting tourists visa. Hope to hearfrom you asap. Thank you

  42. Ang hoyfriend ko kasi nka base sya sa new york uuwi lng sya sa turkey nextmonth para icheck niya ung business niya para fun na din kami meet po..he will invite me his the sponsor of my trip to turkey…

  43. can i take visa going turkey? bcoz my boyfrend want i come turkey,and we plan mary in turkey,but its my firstime i dont know how can i apply visa, and i dont have bank acount, how can i appl visa easly?

    1. You should submit a sponsorship letter sent by your boyfriend and give his bank details instead.

  44. Hi im going to get married to a turkeys man and we plan to meet each other early next month..please let me know what are the important requirements for applying tourist visa for turkey as we plan to going with him after our marriage.
    Thanks hope to here from you soon

  45. Hello! I plan to visit Istanbul on Nov via Dubai… you think I can still make it, I mean visa application and all? Tourist mode with hubby for 5 days…yeah I know ang short ng time but, at least…. worth it ba to visit? I’m concerned about the news on security now…i dunno if it is safe to travel… what do you think? :) Thanks in advance!

    1. As long as you stay in safe areas, it should be okay. I don’t know though what’s the minimum days of rush processing of the visa.

  46. Hi! I’m planning to visit Istanbul by Feb. 2016 and my only concerned is the Roundtrip airline ticket for the visa application, do i really need to purchase confirmed RT ticket? Or would booking reservation will do?? Pls. help.
    Thanks :-)

  47. Just want to it true that if ylu have a US visa in your philippine passport dont need a visa to turkey via dubai..thanks..

    1. Please contact Turkey Embassy :) Unfortunately, I have no idea. Also, visa policies change every now and then.

  48. Hbol question po…ngayon dec. 20 2015 ako ppunta ng mnila for applying visa…holiday rin ba cla?anu ba ang tmang araw pupunta doon s turkey embassy ?

  49. Hi guys, good day!!!
    May kaibigan po sa turkey he invited me to visit his country, batay po sa nakasaad na information, kung ako po at mag aaply as a tourist visa na may invitation letter at ID niya, do I still need other documents gaya po ng income tax at bank account ko? Unemployed po ako at titira po ako sa bahay nila until the due date.

    Your response would be highly appreciated guys. God bless!!!

    Kind regards,

  50. Hi..gusto q LNG itanong kng cnu nakakaalam kng anong papers needed ng Turkish na gustong mag travel ng pinas just for one week or two weeks.dito po sya sa doha Qatar nag tatrabaho.

    1. Just 6 months valid passport and return ticket.

      They have 30 days free entry here in the philipines. if the Turkish wanted to extend the visa, then he or she may directly go to the Bureau of Immigration to file the extension of visa.

  51. Hello po im planning to apply for a tourist visa for turkey at may sponsor po ako dun employer po dati ng mother q. Kailangan po b tlga ng bank cert.?? At i.t.r maltagal natpo kc ako wlang work.. salamat please lng po i really nid advice

  52. Good day…before I go to inside embacy need to take application form?and how about my document need complete all to show them?if only take application form and I came back again pass a documents?

    1. Yes, you can come back for the other requirements. Ask everything you need to ask na rin while in the embassy :)

      1. Hello guys! Since you’re in the most recent reviews here so far, I hope you can help me. Do you know anything about the online pre-application? I dont want my senior parents get tired going back and forth for incomplete documents as much as possible.. Taga mindanao pa po naman kami?

  53. MS GAYE wala na po b alternative na pamalit sa itr wala po kc ako work pero ung friend po ng mother ko gagastos ng lahat un lng po kc kulang q eh.

  54. I called the embassy’s hotline in Manila to ask some question and the operator connected me to the secretary (Turkish). Sana’y sumagot siya ng marahan at hindi sa agresibong tono. :( (Disappointed)

  55. I’ve read from other forums that invitation letter must be in Turkish and in English. İs this true?

  56. im in Taiwan poh, and I want to apply and process my visa here in Taiwan. can I do that poh? I hope you can help me. thank you

  57. hi… ask lang po how mag aaply ng tourist visa????? want po kc ng boyfrnd mag holiday ako sa turkey for 3weeks around augost????what document needed???? your reply is very much appriciated

  58. Hi, I understand they are only open for applications 4 days a week (weekdays except Wednesday). I am leaving on the 11th and counting the 10 business days turnaround time from the day I apply. Do they include Wednesday in the 10 business days event if they don’t accept applications during this day?

  59. hi, im also from mindanao, davao city. my flight will be on july 1stweek. ill be applying for a tourist visa for 30days nextweek thru a travel agency that costs around 7k. I just have a question, invitation and sponsorship letter should be notarized? is it just one paper of one of each?

    1. I don’t know if it has to be notarized, sorry :( It is just one paper, at least during the time I applied.

    2. Hi Jillian,can u help me about getting visa in Turkey? Which travel agency u are applying? I am from Davao also. Thanks

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