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Online Learning Tools To Use Whilst Traveling

Just because you’re traveling, it doesn’t mean that you can’t progress your career or further develop your skills. In fact, due to the power of technology these days, you can complete online courses and gain qualifications whilst taking in the great sights and experiences across the world. The people who think that traveling is purely about ‘having a year out’ to have fun are stuck in the dark ages. Not only can you learn from anywhere in the world, you can also work from whatever country you wish to choose if you are fortunate enough to have an occupation that allows for this.

Languages – Whilst traveling it is very useful to learn the native languages of the countries that you are traveling to. Whether this is purely to enable you to do simple tasks like order a drink at the bar, or you need to become highly fluent to be able to get a job, there are a great number of online websites and apps that you can use. Duolingo is a popular choice and it is free to download. You also get incentivized for completing sections meaning you can easily motivate yourself to continue learning.

YouTube – The power of YouTube should never be underestimated, and with over a billion users, it is increasingly popular for several reasons. Quite simply, it is an awesome learning resource, as well as the many other entertainment features that it provides to the world. The amazing thing about YouTube is that anyone can upload a video and it even has great basic editing tools. You could even use it to record a travel blog whilst you are away. You never know, you could end up making some money out of your video if it gets good coverage and people want to advertise on it.

Additionally, YouTube gives great demonstrations on how to use software or other technology systems, so that you don’t have to read a manual or pay for a course to show you how to do it. YouTube is the video-sharing gift that keeps on giving. – One of the best free online resource websites that you will come across, offers learning on anything from accountancy to yoga. There are hundreds of courses that you can enroll in that are completely free of charge. If you are taking a year sabbatical to travel, you could go back to work with a collection full of new skills to power your way up the career ladder.

Top Tests – If you haven’t passed your driving test yet, you could use your free time whilst traveling to master the questions on your driving theory. offers you the opportunity to take free driving theory tests so that you will easily be able to pass your theory exam when you get back from your travels.

Put your free time to great use whilst traveling and return with an enviable skillset that will give you the advantage in your future career path.

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