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I am a Tarlac-born-slash-Manila-raised gypsetter, an ex-pescetarian, mouse potato, Joni Mitchell fan, retired partyphile, spoon collector, and a tree hugger.

I got a perpetual hunger for adventure and I love the feeling of being lost (except when running late for a bus).

In 2007, after backpacking within my home country for 5 years, I decided it was time to travel abroad. I did a 6-week solo trip to Europe and came back without getting rid of the travel bug – so I worked for half a year in U.A.E. and spent my earnings backpacking Southeast Asia and China.

I aim to promote Philippine tourism not only by hosting foreign visitors in my country, but also by sharing the Filipino culture while traveling overseas. I also dream of inspiring my fellow Pinays to construct their own itineraries and pack their bags (light!) for there’s always more… outdoor.

Late 2009 I plotted my hazy RTW route to live in different cities and bask in diverse cultures, however this plan was tentatively rescheduled when I discovered early 2010 that my backpacking partner-slash-hubby and I were about to have our first child.

We’re pursuing that dream now! We’ve been on the road since June 21, 2011.

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