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Shop Online And Get Some Of Yo Cash Back (For Realz)

So here’s a smart way to shop.

Imagine purchasing an item or booking a hotel room online and getting a portion of your money back. Sounds too good to be true/like a scam? Well, it is in fact, for real. Shopback, a Singaporean cashback (a type of reward website) site is — if you’ve been living under a cyber rock — now in the Philippines! The company, founded in 2014 by six young entrepreneurs, was voted as the “Most Promising Startup to Look Out For in 2015” in Vulcan Post’s Reader’s Choice Awards in 2014.

Shopback’s home page.

How does the whole shebang work? Customers shop through Shopback at online faves such as Ebay, Lazada and Zalora. And for us travel junkies, we can book accommodations and flights through the site at, and Now these merchants reward Shopback (for directing customers to them) commission and Shopback shares some of it to the customers. One can cash out (whenever it’s ready) straight into a bank account or Paypal account.

Easy-peasy, right?

How do I get on it? That, is pretty much straightforward as well. All you really have to do go to and register with an email account then set up a password.

Shopback has hundreds of stores/affiliates (fashion brands, hotels, flight booking companies, and more!) in the Philippines. Once registered, click on a store/any company, and the cashback amount in % will be shown (on a pop up window) as you are redirected to the store. Like so:


Shop as per normal and you pay the merchant directly on their site. Then your cashback will appear on your Shopback account within 48 hours. Request a payout whenever it’s ready, and cash out to your bank account or Paypal account.

But wait there’s more.

Shopback not only provides cashback. Its merchants have a coupon section where current coupon codes are listed. Customers may use the discount coupon/codes and the cashback is still applied on top of that! Ain’t that something?

Heaps of savings await!

Shop for online shopping promo with ShopBack. This summer, Book your holiday with coupons . You can also check out coupons.

And if you look for cheap swimmies, a Lazada voucher can help you save more (I’ve recently just ordered for an upcoming beach trip). You can get Zalora promo codes too.

And there’s even more. Free delivery is offered by certain stores, so keep an eye out for that!

Give it a go. There really is nothing to lose here. Only gains.

I frequently shop online because one, as a working mum I simply don’t have much spare time in my 25-hour days. And two, I have a very short attention span. I’d like to find what I need/want without having to walk around a mall for ages in search of one thing. So Shopback for me, in all honesty, is a goldmine. Perhaps the only people who won’t benefit from it are those folks who prefer to shop in actual stores. So here’s to hoping they realise its convenience and bang for the buck.

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