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Hulhumalé, Maldives: A Newborn Artificial Island

Our low-cost airline flight provided an on-board entertainment that surpassed all others we’ve experienced… The spectacle of Maldives’ islands, strung together like a jewel necklace, sitting oh so pretty in the middle-ish of Indian Ocean nowhere. It was one of those travel moments filled with imaginative swear words, muttered under the breath. Hulhumal√©’s public beach….

2014 Thus Far: The Second Quarter

As of late, my mornings revolve around counting stars. Stamped stars. It’s a Philippine pre-school thing. A visible “Good job!” remark, stamped on students’ wrists by the teachers after an activity in class. Every time I fetch her from school, I find myself comparing the number of her stars with that of others. If she’s…