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The Forgotten Wonders Of The World

Many people have some sort of travel bucket list. Some might have it filled with exotic and crazy locations than span all over the world, some might stick to the usual suspects you will find on the majority of travel wish lists. There will always be those spectacular wonders of the world that, of course, at some point in your life you will want to see and experience. The Sydney Harbour Bridge, swimming in the Great Barrier Reef, walking the Great Wall Of China and climbing up to witness Machu Picchu. While they are all worthy locations for your travel bucket list, I thought it was about time we shared some love for some of the forgotten wonders of the world. These places and locations are still magical, beautiful, or could simply take your breath away, but are maybe less well-known or just plain simple forgotten. Perhaps it will inspire you to add a few of them to your own travel wish list.

New Zealand

Many people will have Australia on their list but forget about the likes of New Zealand, perhaps thinking it is too far away. But, this location is definitely one to explore and thankfully with the many New Zealand tours you can take, you would get to experience some of the best of the North and the South islands. There is much to see and do in this green place, for example, visiting the film sets of the famous Lord Of The Rings films. So many people who have visited have such a love and admiration for the place that you may find you go back there sooner than you think.

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The Philippines

The Philippines can often be a place that is forgotten, with more people choosing a location like Thailand, but it is a beautiful spot, and definitely, somewhere you should visit at some point in your life. Based in the Western Pacific and comprising of around 7000 islands there is plenty to see and do. The capital, Manila, is a vibrant and bustling city famous for its waterfront promenade.


Canada is definitely a country we can often forget about when choosing a place to travel to, opting for the USA instead. But being one of the biggest countries, it has much to offer for any traveller looking for adventure and wonder. Canada has many cities with fantastic options including Toronto and Vancouver. But you also have the mountainous region offering hiking opportunities and chances to relax by the many lakes on offer.


Iceland is defined by its dramatic landscape of volcanic regions, geysers, lava fields and hot springs. It is a wonderful location and definitely a place that people can often forget when looking to book a vacation. There is a vibrant capital city, Reykjavik, that has plenty of bars and restaurants. But it will be the scenery, the hot springs, and the stunning views that will probably bring you back to this place time and time again.

I hope this has offered some inspiration for your bucket list.

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