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Searched for lions in Nairobi National Park in Kenya.
Rode a camel on the Sahara Desert in Morocco.
Was chased by a grumpy bull elephant in Serengeti National Park in Tanzania.
Survived a 6-hour ride wherein the driver drank beer while driving in Zambia.


Hid me tears in the Armenian Genocide Museum in Armenia
Stood before the The Terracotta Army in China.
Volunteered for the Academy of Swimming Education of East Timor (even if I’m not a good swimmer).
Stepped onto a bomb crater in Laos.
Couchsurfed a local’s ger in Mongolia.
Full Moon Partied in Thailand.
Saw the world’s oldest temple in Turkey.
Met my husband in United Arab Emirates.

Australia (Oceania)

Established my second home in Australia.

North America

Strolled along Teotihuacán’s Avenue of the Dead in Mexico.

Central/South America

Danced my way through Rio De Janeiro’s streets during the Carnival in Brazil.
Spent my 34th birthday on the island of Utila, Honduras
Taught our daughter Luna how to walk in Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu Town), Peru.

Philippine Destinations


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  1. hi! i am a US tourist visa holder. and i was told that it is valid for travel to turkey, do you have any idea, if this is true?

    1. Where did you get this information? I have no idea, sorry :-( I actually have a US tourist visa myself, but wasn’t told that I could use it.

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