hotel reviews

Naumi Liora, Singapore: Chinatown Charm

After an eight-hour intercontinental flight and a frantic search for a carry on bag which me mum left in the overhead compartment of our plane

Mövenpick Hotel, Cebu: A 5-Star Birthday

With a throbbing head and a brewing tonsilitis induced by a drinking spree + an all-nighter karaoke session, I impatiently paced around Mövenpick Hotel's reception


Photo Essay: St. Ives Medieval Faire 2015, Sydney, Australia

Me boots thrashed through hay. The earth beneath them, mushy. Clumps of soil clung onto my sole as I made my way across the field.

Sarangani, Philippines: Sarbay Fest 2014 (Or, #ILoveMyJob 2014)

"Coming through!", a voice bellowed from behind. I instinctively jumped out of the way. A runner bathing in her own sweat rushed past. Judging by the