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7 Things To Do In Los Angeles

For many a trip to California can be an amazing getaway vacation with the opportunity to have a mix of both splurges and budget related activities. Depending on what you are seeking to do, you can rent a Los Angeles beach house, try to catch a glimpse of famous celebrities or revisit your inner child with a trip to Disneyland.

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Here are some must do ideas for your next visit to LA:

Stroll along Venice Beach

In case you have to get over any jet lag or simply need a little time to unwind as you transition from working life to vacation, start with a stroll along Venice Beach. This bohemian mecca has been beckoning all types of people to its beach for years. This is the prime spot to pass a couple hours and people watch. Body builders, runners, people doing yoga and radical pamphleteers all mix with average people going for a walk on the beach, so you never know what you will see. Pack a picnic for a low cost day and laze the day away reading a book while drifting in and out of sleep next to the rhythmic waves. This is the way to pass the day like the locals.

Rent a Private Villa

Many people do not consider this option and go the classic route of searching online for a hotel, booking and having the same old, same old. What if instead you could rent an entire luxury mansion for the duration of your stay? Most of us probably cannot afford to own a mansion of our own, but we might be able to splash out and rent one for a few nights. With selected properties scattered all throughout Los Angeles, there is sure to be something to suit your needs. Particularly if splitting the cost with a group of friends or traveling as a family, you might be able to be swimming in a lap of luxury for less than you think. When we return home to your normal working life and your friends ask you how they place was that you stayed at, you can whip out your phone and simply say, ‘Let me show you the pictures.’

Visit Disneyland

It almost goes without saying that nearly every child would enjoy the opportunity to visit Disneyland. For adults, it is usually a walk down memory lane. There is something for everyone at Disneyland, plus, walking around to try and find Mickey Mouse to get your picture taken with can just be plain fun. For the older kids or adults, don’t forget about the thrilling Space Mountain or the Indiana Jones Adventure.

Go to Universal Studios

Universal Studios is dubbed the entertainment capital of LA. It is one of the most popular attractions and home to amusement type activities based on some of the most popular film and television shows. Some of those include “The Simpsons,” “King Kong” and “The Mummy.” The official mascot is Woody Woodpecker so be sure to keep an eye out for him.

Shop Rodeo Drive

A stroll down Rodeo Drive is an interesting way to pass an afternoon. This is the street that Julia Roberts famously walked down with bags under her arms in “Pretty Woman.” Here average shoppers and serious big spenders combine. The price tags might have you baulk at first, but as you continue strolling, eventually the price sticker shock wears off. There’s nothing that says you can put on your best outfit, strut your stuff and see what it would be like to a shopper along this row. If nothing else you can at least sing the theme song to “Pretty Woman” in your head as you pursue the wares on display through the shop windows.

Go to a Concert at Hollywood Bowl

Whether you go just to see the architecture or a show, put visiting the Hollywood Bowl on your list. Set against the backdrop of the Hollywood Hills and iconic Hollywood sign, this amphitheater has had plenty a famous musician and artist perform on its stage. The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Alicia Keys are just a few of the many famous artists to perform here. The site is also the summer home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic orchestra. Tickets have been known to go for as low as $1 so you never know what kind of deal you might get here. There is also a museum on site so you can take your time learning all about the history as you soak in the good tunes.

Drive Sunset Boulevard

Sunset Boulevard might just be one of the most iconic thoroughfares in the USA. This palm tree lined street has been enticing people to drive it’s lanes for decades. Known for its vibrant night life, there are plenty of things to see along this 22 mile or so stretch of road. Also nicknamed ‘Guitar Row,’ this road has a high number of guitar and music related shops. You can choose to drive the strip yourself or go on an organized tour.

As you piece together your dream vacation to Los Angeles, you could spend weeks trying to see it all. Try to pick out a few splash out activities combined with a few low cost ones and you will be on your way to an amazing LA vacation.

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