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Snapshot Saturday: Quality Testing A Hammock

I think I’m in love!

From the Pinay Travel Junkie’s backpacking notes: This is how to test a hammock whether it’s durable or not, and to see how strong are the arms of its maglalako (seller). And yeah, this is me laughing my tonsils out with new acquaintances in Laiya, Batangas.

Though priced way more expensive than in Divisoria, I bought the hammock. But have not used it. Ever.


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Gay Emami
When not backpacking, she teaches her daughter sight words and belly dancing (even if she's not good at it). She's currently eating her way around some hippie town in Australia. She loves talking about herself in the third person.

6 thoughts on “Snapshot Saturday: Quality Testing A Hammock

  1. Hey there! Your blog is amazing – so many great articles (and from a fellow filipina too :) Thanks for the comment on my blog, I’ll definitely be following you on your travels!

  2. I like your tip, and look how fun the faces on those guys are! Your blog is so fun… I’m especially looking forward to all the pregnancy travel advice!

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